Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Real Life

Not that what I was leading before moving to the country was an unreal life (or as my dear old pal from college would have said, a surreal life). It's just that lately I've been reminded how narrow my ideas about people have been at times. As a biracial family, we had always felt most comfortable in or close to large metro areas. While there are certainly bigots of every color everywhere you go, our easy transition into the life of the Keweenaw so far has been a broading experience. Urban life can be every bit as provincial as rural life, only the attitudes differ.

Planning is underway for the town's 4th of July parade which starts on our corner and ends five blocks later at the bottom of the hill just past the post office. Don't blink, you really will miss it. But it is a lively five blocks. Kids decorate their bikes and/or wagons, and dogs on leashes will be judged for best costume (hopefully the two adorable fluff balls with spangly headdresses from last year won't sweep the competition again). My daughter and I have not settled on Jack's costume yet, although a pumpkin would make sense (since his complete name is Jack-o-lantern). But that's the wrong holiday. Maybe we'll attempt to fit in by staying with a patriotic theme. Whatever the outcome, I'll be sure to post pictures.

I think Jack has already voted for his favorite, our livingroom curtain.


  1. Should I decorate my bike or wrap myself in curtains? Oh it is so hard to decide. Jack, what is your advice?

  2. I asked Jack and he is in favor of bikes. Definitely bikes. Especially if you tie lots of noisy cans on strings so they drag along behind and give him something to chase.