Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Let Your Hound Dog Get Bored, or Farewell to a Broom

There is one thing Jack likes as much as sniffing and that's chewing. Usually, he is very polite and confines himself to the dozen or so bones he has stashed all over the house. But some things are just too good to pass up. Alas, the porch broom met an ignoble fate last week when I left Jack out on his chain a bit too long. A guy can only dig holes, bark at robins and chew up the cedar hedge for so long before his attention is bound to stray. At least I have a start on this year's Halloween decorations.


  1. Laura, you crack me up! My old Chesapeake Bay Retriever Hamar, the biggest (200 lbs at his max), meanest (bit a number of people) dog ever once chewed up a can of tuna. Yes, an entire unopened can of tuna. He managed to get all of the tuna inside and then bit it down till it was like a flat silver medallion. Ahh, good times.

  2. My retired seeing eye golden retriever (now in dog heaven), Honey, once ate our closet door, part of the kitchen floor, and an arm of the couch...You've gotten off lightly with just a broom!

    And Kara--is this part of a new recipe for you? Have can?

  3. It's true, the broom is the least of my troubles. He snapped a retractable leash, destroyed multiple pairs of socks, slippers, mittens, gloves and hats over the winter. I'm considering just letting him drag logs into the house soon if that will preserve my waredrobe. I'm sure if he could open the pantry cupboards my canned goods would be in danger as well.