Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ready or Not, It's Winter

I know it's coming. We had snow this weekend and it's only October so I can't live in denial. Winter is arriving early and it is likely to be a doosie.

Which means I also have to face the fact that Jack is not as well trained as I hoped he would be by this point. It's hard to feel like a successful dog owner when your hound is playing keep-away with your glove in 10 degree wind chills.

Look at that face. He knows perfectly well that the cap he is gnawing on is NOT his toy. He's a whizz at calculating when I will make my move to try and reclaim a hat, glove, sock or for that matter couch pillow. My daughter says I don't sound mad enough when I scold him. Ah, but really, look at that face.

I hear-by resolve to be firm and not fall for his antics. No more stifling a laugh while I try and sound like a tough guy. Nope. I am tired of mending gloves and hats and playing ring-around-the-dining-room-table. Time to take a firm hand.

Wish me luck. This is likely to be harder than all the snow shoveling and ice scraping combined.

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