Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jack's Summer Vacation

Admittedly, every day is a vacation for Jack, but this summer we all enjoyed playing tourist with visiting friends. The Keweenaw is such a great place to while away a summer day, even if you aren't a pampered hound dog.

Here, Jack enhances the view from the top of Brockway Mountain. If I had not been so intent on capturing his mug (and getting both my daughter and her friend in the photo) you would be able to see Lake Superior stretching out, seemingly forever, beyond the tree line in the background. This is a favorite spot to bring visitors because you get such spectactular views of the lake and surrounding countryside. On a clear day you can even glimpse Isle Royale in the distance. There is also a very nice gift and book shop on the spot which Jack did not visit, but our friends did. (I suspect there will be some northern Michigan books and crafts under some Christmas trees in New Jersey this December.)

Another favored spot for tourists, and now hounds as well, is the boat ride to Copper Harbor Lighthouse. We were really surprised when we arrived with Jack and the very laid-back Captain and the patient and accommodating passengers welcomed him on board the tiny lighthouse keeper's boat used to ferry visits from the mainland to the point. Jack LOVED it. Wind in your face. Spray up your nose. Kids fawning over him. New paths to snuffle along. For those of you more interested in history than rabbit trails it is a fun and educational two hour expedition. Be sure to bring a jacket. Rain gear provided by the captain for those of us "voluneered" to sit in the back of the boat.

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