Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing says "summer" like a wet hound dog

Jack enjoys long walks on the beach at Lake Superior, but waves scare him. Embarrassing, but true. And he is so distracted by all the smells along the sandy and rocky shoreline that it is next to impossible to get his nose up long enough to head into the water.

Luckily for us, we have access to one of the small "inland" lakes up here on the 4th coast. Visiting relatives at their cottage on Torch Lake is one of the best parts of summer. The lake is shallow quite a long way out from shore and warm all summer so it's perfect for Jack--very tiny waves.

I'm planning ahead for winter though and thinking about investing in some skiijoring equipment...or maybe a small kicksled and harness. I love the idea of Jack being able to finally run as fast as he needs to without me holding him back. I doubt Jack and I will ever go out for the competitive racing, but maybe we will at least keep ahead of the coyotes.


  1. Hello Laura!
    I am not sure if you saw my message on "put your pet online", but I happened upon Jack's profile and couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between Jack and my dog, Casey. They look like twins. If you go onto the website and search under the list of pets for Casey, you will see exactly which dog I am talking about! Its pretty cool how much they look alike!

  2. Hi Sara,

    You are right. I just went that that website and looked at pictures of Casey. The resemblance is very close. He looks like he was a real sweet heart, just like our Jack. Rambunctious, but affectionate. I'm sure you miss him every day.