Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Labrador In Him (or Ode to My Socks)

A small sampling of my miss-matched socks, thanks to Jack.
I have a fondness for socks, particularly socks without holes. I even like to wear a matched pair, but that's getting trickier every day.

Jack has a fondness for socks with holes in them. Woe to the sock that is carelessly dropped, or stuffed into a pair of shoes.

I've been told this is a common trait among black labs but it still seems unfair that Jack embodies all the most problematic traits of his three contributing breeds: beagles follow their noses no matter what (check), shepherds like to herd (check), Labradors like to chew (check, check, check, check, check).

After this morning's futile search for two socks of the same pattern and hue I decided to snap the photo above and bid a fond farewell to the conformity of life in pairs.

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