Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make Yourself Comfortable

It's no use trying to write early in the morning if you're sitting on the same couch as a large sleepy dog.

This morning I rose just before the sun was fully risen, made my coffee, sat down on the couch (notebook on lap) before anyone else in the house was up—ready for inspiration to strike. My favorite time to write. Also, Jack's favorite time to stretch out and make himself comfortable on the couch.

I've known since the very earliest days of dog ownership and starting this blog that I really am not cut out for the role of alpha dog, but this did clarify things in my mind.

Still, it got me back to my long-neglected blog and it did get me off the couch. So...thanks Jack?

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  1. Hey, I couldn’t find an email address. I want to ask a question about your dog, so can you email me back?