Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finally, Spring (sort of)

Jack looking over the snow across the frozen pond on the way to Queen Annie Falls.
Jack perusing the still frozen pond on one of our favorite walking sites. No sign of turtles yet.
Last week, Jack and I walked the snowy trail that leads to Queen Annie Falls but didn't make it past the pond. The snow had been compacted and melted enough that Jack only occasionally sank in up to his belly and I could get away with simple hiking books as long as I chose my path carefully.

The pond, as you can see in the photo, was still frozen on April 12. Today it is raining, but the forecast says it will be dipping back into the 30s again so I'm betting there will still be ice on that pond when we venture out again.

I think I'll start a competition to see whose back yard holds its icebergs the longest. Or maybe it should be whose back yard defrosts the fastest? Along with the frozen pond, we have a large mound of compacted snow slowly melting along the cedar hedge in our yard. My money is on that iceberg hanging on until mid-May. I'll keep you posted.

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