Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walk to the Waterfall

Roughly a mile from our house (as the crow flies) is a rushing little creek with a waterfall called Annie Falls. Jack and I walk there on nice days by following the snowmobile trails crisscrossing the hills south of town. We pass wildflowers scattered along the trails together with the leafing paper birches, willows and pines; ponds and temporary bogs that are home to ducks, woodpeckers and turtles. We crunch our way over the gravel trails (plentiful with hoof tracks from the deer that live everywhere around here) until we reach the dirt track that winds up the bluff overlooking the falls. It is hound dog heaven. It is close to my idea of heaven as well.


  1. Hi! Just got here by way of my blog -- I'm curious whether my "adit falls" are the same as your "Annie Falls". The falls you linked to are just upstream from the old Copper Falls Mill site -- the huge field of stamp sand just outside of Eagle River. Your photo looks a bit different... which stream are they on? Are these also called "Queen Anne's Falls"?

  2. Hello to you too. I loved your blog.

    I am not sure exactly what the stream is that these falls are in. It is just south of Copper City so it must not be the same as your falls.

    We are the new comers here so I am going by the place names that locals have mentioned.

    Queen Anne Falls are out on 5-Mile Point Road, aren't they?

    I welcome any local geography lessons I can get!

  3. Welcome to the Keweenaw! :D

    These definitely aren't Adit Falls -- although I do recommend going to see them -- just be careful! (It's an old mine site, after all.) I think you must have found Queen Anne's Falls. Sadly I have yet to see them.

    The only falls I know which are relatively close to 5 mile point road are the unnamed falls on Silver Creek (well worth the walk), and the Gratiot River falls (totally not worth it). Feel free to ping me (or Jake -- who runs that waterfall site I linked to) with any questions. :)

  4. I just got confirmation from a friend who grew up here that the falls I walk to are Queen Anne Falls, but even he doesn't know the name of the stream or river they are on. If I'm not careful I'll end up renaming everything up here!