Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow Your Dog's Nose

In an urban area I feel completely at ease. I know how to get around. Few things actually scare me. Now I find myself in unfamiliar territory...the hayseed from the city. So when I get bold enough to venture out onto trails with Jack I take my cues from his nose.

This morning he was really wound up...stopping, starting, snuffling, pulling ahead, balking and turning around. I was getting very annoyed since I wanted to make it all the way to an old falling down mine entrance I found a few days back. Then something way down the trail caught my eye. I have no idea what it was (of course I imagined it was a cougar, then a wolf or a bear, and it was most likely a deer), but I decided if Jack was nervous we were turning around. I've always told my daughter to trust her feelings about people and places and to decide for herself when there might be danger. Whenever it's just Jack and me out in the countryside, I plan to take his nose for my guide.


  1. The picture at the top makes me want to drive up to your place just so I can give Jack-O-Lantern a hug! This is adorable, did you tell me about this blog? I love it!

    I took Arlo out on a trail in the woods once and we got about a mile in and got lost (who gets lost on a trail nowadays besides me?) We lost the trail and were just wandering, and then I found a creepy little hut in the woods and I started to panic. All of a sudden, "City Slicker Arlo" went into action, pulling me forward and leading me through trees and over brush. I thought he was lost, but he found the trail!You've got to trust dogs...

  2. Kara, Yes, you always have to trust dogs. Although sometimes Jack does pull me the wrong direction for something completely benign, like a mourning dove he wants to chase, or a fly he is trying to catch. He's not always heroic, but always cute.