Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jack Gets a Big Head (almost as big as mine)

My entire adult life I had quietly snickered at dog owners who were just ga-ga over their pets. Worse than new parents, or reformed smokers I would think to myself. Now look at me. Not only a blog documenting practically every paw print Jack makes, but a magazine for kids to boot.

Oh well, in for a penny...

My partners at Thimbleberry Press have indulged me by launching Adventures in the U.P. using the marvelous new print-on-demand magazine site, MagCloud. Since this new technology allows anyone with the creativity and technical know-how to create their own magazine without facing the enormous financial risks involved in normal (define "normal" again, please) magazine launches, we figured it was worth a try. And it's great fun for me and Jack.

We hope you will check it out and maybe even order a copy for a child in your life, or even for the child inside your own head (we'll never tell).

Happy New Year!

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