Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jack goes to school, sort of.

You probably think I'm talking about finally taking the pooch to obedience training, but no. Jack and I have been invited to a local elementary school to share our story (and dog kisses, and tail swackings, etc.).

He loves kids so he's always game for the attention, books he's not quite so clear about. He's happy to use a bookshelf to "hide" a bone, and he's as likely to chew a carelessly placed book as an unoccupied slipper (don't panic anyone who has lent me books...I keep them out of dog reach), so this will be an interesting social experiment.

My daughter is convinced it will lead to disaster. The eternal optimist, I am sure Jack will do fine when his first day of school rolls around.


  1. Is that the OED we see on the top shelf, and is Jack reaching for one of the volumes? A learned dog, indeed!

  2. Yes, it is the Oxford English Dictionary, but I think Jack was going for the bone on the shelf right below it. At least I hope he was (if he chews up my beloved OED I'm not sure what I would do)!

  3. "Tail swackings"... Laura, your writing makes me giddily, blissfully happy.