Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jack Finds a Pack

Dogs are pack animals, and Jack loves to run, so trying to tag along with a group of snowmobilers made perfect sense to him.

I can't keep up with Jack let alone keep up with a pack of snowmobilers. But to make up for spoiling the fun of the chase, I took Jack on the long version of our winter walk--all the way past the turtle pond now frozen and covered in snow.

At first I was concerned about walking on the trails that are used by snowmobiles, but so far I have found them to be a pretty happy and polite bunch (if noisy, sorry...I prefer cross-country skiing).

Whenever we hear one coming, Jack and I move off to the side of the trail and he sits and waits for them to pass. Usually they slow down and wave and smile. Sometimes they stop and ask for directions. I love that: Me with a hound dog on a snowmobile trail giving directions. Maybe I've found my pack afterall.

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